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Neoprene leggings butt lifter REF: 160039

Neoprene leggings butt lifter REF: 160039

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Be advised this sizes are from Colombia and it may not be the exact fit of you, all of the leggings can stretch.thank you for understanding.

 Invisible neoprene girdle leggins, at the waistband level extra high front, suplex fabric, perfect all-purpose for sports or casual use, which allows you maintain good posture and at the same time compressing the abdomen is a novel garment. SPANISH: Leggings  faja invisible de neopreno, a nivel de pretina frontal extra alta, tela suplex, de uso múltiple perfecto para hacer deporte o de uso casual, lo que te permite mantener una buena postura y al mismo tiempo comprimir el abdomen es una prenda novedosa.

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